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11-14-2012, 11:34 AM
the reality of borg npcs-

their energy weapons are not their primary way of dealing damage, the cutting beam and torpedo is by far their primary dealers of damage. that makes it silly to have stf shields guard against plasma weapons, that does almost nothing to protect you from borg, and breaks an entire energy type in pvp

the torpedoes they fire, wile often invisible, deal between 30-60k damage. that is a 1 shot and by far the largest problem in the entirety of the pve in game. it makes hive basically impossible to pug.

the balance solution

npcs clearly have a global modifier to thier weapons that buff their damage. that needs to be reduced dramatically so those 1 shot torpedoes no longer exist. then give borg npcs +50 additional weapons power, so their energy weapons are more powerful, wile their kinetic damage isn't absolutely insane.

this would work with ALL npcs, kinetic damage is the vast majority of the damage all npcs cause, and its because of that npc damage modifier ending up buffing torp damage far more then energy damage. just bypass this with this fix i propose.
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