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11-14-2012, 11:40 AM
I'll look at the parser link. i've downloaded it but will install it later.

makemydayfreeper: We've got an issue in this community as to what DPS really is. I looked at the 8000 dps listed in the end of his second video and it doesn't add up. In 13 minutes and 29 seconds, let's say 13.5 minutes, times 60 seconds - 810 seconds, he did 3,897,416 damage.

Well 3,897,416 / 810 = 4811 dps according to windows calculator.

This is my issue when folks claim massive DPS. I think he's using some very old plugin or something that does inaccurate calculations for dps. it's nearly double what it should be. DPS is literally damage total divided by duration of match.