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11-14-2012, 12:50 PM
MWO online isnt peachy perfect either. I cant drive my light mech as I desire because if I do I blow both legs off the thing in under 3 minutes. I'm not talking taking flying leaps off cliffs or anything just running around the map with a XL 280 on a light with jump jets and kiss your leg armor goodby in 2 mins and you will leg yourself in another min. They still have issues balancing ballistics to lasers and missiles are remaining funny. The catapult mech is suppose to be a slightly subpar support standoff mech. In MWO it eats Atlases for breakfast.

So while its fun and I do enjoy playing it MWO is not the second coming that shall deliver us to the PvP promised land. Not yet anyway. At the moment its sort of the awkward young ungainly but endearing distraction.