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11-14-2012, 11:53 AM
The key with that fight is to keep one person just slightly out of weapons range, dipping into range, popping off just enough shots to stay in combat then running back out of range before she decides to insta pop you.

With that method, every time the 4 are wiped the 5th man can stay alive long enough for the others to respawn and regroup but without causing her to pull an armek on you i.e. insta heal.

A few friends of mine along with myself beat HSE just last night using that method. We all used our tac toons and were wiped more than once due to the tac cube spam leading to a few too many unhealed injuries lol. We still managed to take her down, even though we wiped quite a few times.

But seriously, 1 person *MUST* stay alive during that fight at all costs, otherwise she will pull the armek trick and blow the optional for you (for all that matters now).
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