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Originally Posted by tachyonharmonic View Post
Wait are you really trying to justify a supposedly sexist change by saying "Hey it's okay, Star Trek was always sexist before!" ?

Just because it was sexist before, doesn't mean it still has to be sexist now. Just sayin'.

Originally Posted by azniadeet View Post
Wait? Kira was supposed to be a sex symbol?

LOL she sure as hell wasn't wearing a burkha, and then you also have her Intendant character. Her little fling with Mirror Ezri was quite interesting.

I do find it funny people bothered about what they are wearing or not wearing. If I were a woman, I would be more concerned about their roles in the game. Are women in the game given positions of power, authority, and intellect? Are they able to be in front line combat? They are not relegated to support roles such medicine, secretarial...etc.

Star Trek has no shortage of scantily clad women, but it was a trailblazer for women's roles on TV, it provided a lot of strong female characters.

When I created my KDF female toon, I really tried not to create a bimbo. I tried to model her a little after Grace Jones. That way she kind of looks like she knows how to operate a disruptor or command a ship.


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