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11-14-2012, 01:48 PM
Originally Posted by andyslash View Post
(insert deity here) forbid we have to EARN items now. The whole chance to get tech was really stupid to begin with. Too bad Sto's loot wasnt more like (hate to say it) World Of Warcrafts, where people would roll the dice on Tech. However, season 7 has got me back in to playing. Let all the whiners leave, it'll make this season even more fun
I agree. First there were cries that life time subscription people didn't earn the 1,000 day ships and now that people have to earn their new equipment they still complain!!

I was taught to respect what I earned. I'll enjoy my gear much more having known that I put the hard yards in.

Also, in addition to the equipment that we may have chanced on before, we get new sets AND the Borg set has a more potent variation.

Sounds good to me.