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Originally Posted by hippiejon View Post
For all those of you who are claiming that the image isn't objectifying or sexist. Do you want to know how to tell.

Take the pose, costuming, facial expression , of the image in question. Now place a "sexy" or "hot" guy in that exact pose, costume, plunging neckline and all, give him that softcore Cinemax facial expression, and tell me how that looks.

Now take the pose, costuming, expression etc of the handsome phaser guy picture, and place a "sexy" or "hot" woman there. Tell me how that looks.

I rest my case.
The sexy phaser lady image is a misogynistic, sexist image that objectifies women.
It's insulting to me as a player, and it makes the game look cheap, and crappy on the front page of the website. People seem to have forgotten that part of the problem is also , page design. Nice placement of the download button.

You can claim this isn't a sexist image , objectifying women.
You'd just be wrong.
So much agreed.
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