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11-14-2012, 01:25 PM
One-offs like tac team, engi team, sci team, and aux to tructural all just decloak you for three seconds like most other powers. Duration powers like tss and haz reveal you for three seconds but do not disable the cloak and put it on cooldown. Using these powers on yourself do not reveal you howevr, and I believe that

More offensive powers like tbr, tractor beam, eject plasma, and feedback reveal you for the duration. They all leave you visible while it is activated but without shields as your cloak is not disabled. Risky, but doable.

I do tend to reccommend using as many one-off abilities as you can manage for your particular build though. I like using CC abilities like grav well, scramble, tykens, and photonic shockwav if you want a little punch.

Scramble is handy in kerrat especially as so many people rely on automatic targeting and macros. it helps against that initial spawn-raep.


Oh, I forgot to mention. Endurance heals like tss and hazards do NOT reveal you at all if you are using them on yourself. They used to but that was changed several patches ago.

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