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Originally Posted by thedoctorbluebox View Post
Does "Star Trek" still fit this game in what it has become?

Someone (and forgive me I can't remember who on the forum) said that this game is quote: "A SCIFI game, loosely based on Star Trek."

I think that definition fits now perfectly more than ever. In that vein, should the game be renamed? Perhaps name it something else, close to SCIFI, but say "Imagined from the Star Trek Universe" or "Inspired by Star Trek" instead of outright calling it a Star Trek game now. I never use to feel like this when the game was launched, year 1 and 2, I felt it was a Star Trek game, now though? I think the above description is apt, it is a SCIFI game, loosely based or inspired by Star Trek.

Ferengi Capitalists Online would be a more apt name for it since you have to know how to play the dilithium market to be very successful in STO.

However, I do agree with the point you're making about the "inspired by star trek" idea. This game seems to be less about exploration and diplomacy (Federation ideals) and more about trading, pew pewing everything to death, and massacring the enemy in PVP (the current pvp environment is dishonorable even by KDF standards).

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