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Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
Season 7 is the most disappointed I ever been with Cryptic. I swear that they are intentionally trying to shut the game down so they can move on to Neverwinter. They didn't just nerf Dilithum income, they completely DEVASTATED it!

Honestly, Cryptic / Perfect World just shot themselves in the foot and blew it off.

They lost at least one long time, used to be loyal, gold subscriber since day 1 of launch (33+ months uninterrupted, 1015+ days the old fashioned way not grandfathered in during the $200 LTS money grab promo). Yep, I canceled my subscription after seeing the mess that Season 7 is. Sad, really because I wanted to play through my third anniversary in Feb 2013. Oh well.

And get this: most games make you jump through hoops to cancel your subscription, wanting you to fill out surveys which usually ask stuff like what % chance that you will return (0%) etc. In Star Trek Online, I clicked a button and the green "Active Subscription" text on my Account page went red showing that I canceled, and that was that. No survey, not even a link to leave feedback.

It took me 30 minutes to find a link to feedback and it wasn't a Cryptic or STO specific page, it was on the PWE page, and we all know THEY don't care as long as your credit card was valid during your most recent billing cycle or Zen purchase. Well, those two things won't happen again.
No Star Trek Series went past Season 7.

Will Star Trek Online survive Season 7?