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Originally Posted by ashalfa View Post
Thank you for the interest Slick4science, however i'm not entirely sure about the TOS era and RP you have.

On a side note my Engineer is lvl 50 and already in STF's, also in the process of levelling a science character as i'm fully enjoying the KDF side. SO i'm still looking for a welcoming fleet that can accommodate me, no matter how new a fleet you are. Just have obtainable targets and be in for the long haul, I will quite happily help new fleets out as much as I can.
To answer your question: The TOS/theme and RP are mainly background color for the Fleet. While we do have role-players in the Fleet that sometimes get together to do so, the majority of us are not role players. And due to the time travel aspect of our Fleet backstory we welcome all Trek fans, no matter which series introduced you to Star Trek. For example, my officers are from The Next Generation era, as you might figure out from my pic. So dont let that discourage you at all. We welcome ALL Trek fans.