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# 1 These are the STO Forums
11-14-2012, 01:59 PM
Hi Captains,

This is your friendly reminder that these are the STO forums -- this is also the STO PvP Feedback sub-forum. Threads about other topics, including other games, will be moved or removed. Creation of these posts or threads falls under the forum rules as "Spamming". Breaking this rule will lead to moderation from myself and the Community Mod team.

I understand the PvP Community's frustration and can empathize with it -- if you're playing another game, that's okay! But discuss it on their boards, not here. If one of you would like to make a thread in Ten Forward to be used for MWO, or any other game (there is already one for SWTOR), I'm okay with that. All subsequent posts or threads about that game will be merged with that one thread.

Thank you.


Brandon =/\=