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Originally Posted by scotviper View Post
Getting the same problem. screen goes to black and back again a few times before it freezes my laptop and I have to reboot. I went from full screen to windowed and saw my I7 was on fire lol also got this message:

"Display driver Intel Graphics Accelerator Drivers for Windows 7(R) stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

Yes I've only got the hd chip thing but it was working perfectly before season 7. Heard this has been going on since it went on tribble too so why wasn't it fixed before going live on the holodeck? Unless the devs have decided to remove what I think would be a large percentage of players from the game of course?
It's not a hardware problem. It's an issue with whatever they screwed up in the Season 7 code. They got a ton of reports about it on Tribble and chose to push it live anyway. Devs have been silent on the issue, so your guess is as good as mine when it will be addressed, if it is addressed at all.

To be honest, I don't know why they even bother with a test server when they always just go right on ahead and push game-breakers such as this through every time.

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