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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Hi Captains,

This is your friendly reminder that these are the STO forums -- this is also the STO PvP Feedback sub-forum. Threads about other topics, including other games, will be moved or removed. Creation of these posts or threads falls under the forum rules as "Spamming". Breaking this rule will lead to moderation from myself and the Community Mod team.

I understand the PvP Community's frustration and can empathize with it -- if you're playing another game, that's okay! But discuss it on their boards, not here. If one of you would like to make a thread in Ten Forward to be used for MWO, or any other game (there is already one for SWTOR), I'm okay with that. All subsequent posts or threads about that game will be merged with that one thread.

Thank you.


Brandon =/\=
I for one appreciate people posting where there off to on this forum and WHY.

Perhaps Cryptic will at some point understand they have made a few errors along the way. There is a lot to love about STO no doubt... there is also things the competition is doing better.

Yes Cryptic has completely ignored PvP for 3 years. Its not shocking that they would loose customers to a superior PvP product.

Lets be frank... when you cancel your SUB to any game the Devs almost always ask you point blank WHY you have done so. In most cases they even ask what game you are off to play.

Seems to me people coming in here and explaining exactly why they are leaving or have left and what they have found is good info for Cryptic. Its real insight into what there competition is doing that there PAYING ex(or not yet ex) customers have found value in. (most good developers steal features that paying customers leave for and add them to their own games).

People posting in depth about other games are filling out that exit card in a more detailed way... not just selecting the "left for other game" drop down box... they explain What they found over there. If Cryptic is smart they would use this info to improve there own product. (in most cases those players that left still care about STO or at least the people still here so its in everyones interests to LISTEN right)

Now I understand you may not want real long winded conversations about competing product. No one does... however the fact that its happening HERE and not THERE... should be taken as a sign that people honestly want YOU to notice what is happening. Absorb what it is they are saying... go and take a good look at the competition (I have no doubt you do that already)... most importantly find away to steal there thunder.
THAT IS WHAT PEOPLE ARE REALLY HOPING YOU WILL DO... not post threads saying don't talk about the guy down the street guys.

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