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11-14-2012, 02:20 PM
Originally Posted by earlofthar View Post
Was posted on Tribble .. and since NOTHING has been done.. now posted here.

Sooo since this error is not my graphics driver being 'underpowered' because there is no lag, no pixaliztion nothing.. I get popped off when running around the accademy.

Prior to this, I can be in a 20 person Starbase 24. Torp spread 3 from all going off .. and nothing no lag no problem.

Fix this issue or refund my membership.

While playing i frequently receive,

"interal graphics driver was forced to shut down" this makes the whole window hiccup and then come back on. Then after 30min it crashed my entire computer.

Intel i3 CPU M350@2.27GH
4GB Ram
Intel(R) HD graphics

Never have had a issue running the on Holodeck

Char - Stonewall@LordHarconan

This makes the game unplayable.
I totally agree I got life time when the game first launched what is the point of having perks if i can not even play the game anymore.