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11-14-2012, 03:21 PM
What did you expect? They can't fleece the entire populace with lockboxes. Hell, they've had whales leave permanently over the lockbox stupidity.

For every whale that leaves, another needs to be found. S7 is Cryptic's way of turning the community at large into whales. Buy Zen, convert to Dil at a rate that the Devs will be controlling, and continue playing the same way it was BEFORE they decided that they needed bigger paychecks.

Hey Devs, if you want better paychecks, learn how to release an update WITHOUT childish bugs and glitches that any 12 year old on the street could prevent.

Oh, sorry. I forgot. You guys are professionals and we have no idea how hard you work, day in and day out, just to keep this game running. My bad.

Must be difficult clicking that "Delete" button on the bug reports that get sent in. This is one of the ONLY games that doesn't have a dedicated link in plain view to a list of known problems and bugs. The reason for that is simple: it'd take an entire server just to compile the list.