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11-14-2012, 02:26 PM
Been here since day one and dont think I have ever said anything negative. That does not mean I have whole-heartedly agreed with all the changes but I do realize Cryptic is trying to make a buck and I am ok with that, heck I hope they all make millions.

That being said this new rep system that I need to grind in an effort to be effective or the most effective I can be is not cool. I am normaly excited to play Trek and I ussually play for too long each night, but last night without the loot drops and running around buying commodities for the rep system just turned me off. Hate to say it but if cusomer opinions matter, look up my agreeable post history and realize that even the non-complainers have concerns.

Good luck and live long and posper.

In defense of season 7 I have yet to try any of the romulan zones, just the romulan/reman fleet actions.

Last thing I would say is I prefer content above the U.I. systems like fleet starbases, doff system, rep system.....