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Originally Posted by naz4 View Post
We do understand that it is only meant to be used for STO. The reason we bring other emerging MMO's into this forum right now is to indirectly point you to games where (with slight glimmer of hope) PWE might be able to take inspiration from to improve the PVP side of the game this PVP community loves

Look at the comments to Season 7 Dev blog #17. Thats from none PVPers. Imagine how the PVP community has been feeling for the last few seasons with unfulfilled promises.

I think there needs to be a "Lessons learnt" session for PWE to realise what worked and didn't work for Season 7.
Except, this is not being done. I had to remove a thread asking about a new map and new skill introduced in MWO. I know what's going on here, guys

PWE wants our games to have the best PvP experience possible, as does Cryptic. We all want PvP to be fun and exciting. You've seen Borticus in this forum talking about changes and working on balance, you've seen my interest in the Boot Camp, and there are discussions happening behind the scenes with devs who don't post on the forums.

But, the actions in these forums actually make people not want to your comments and then your suggestions and feedback won't be seen. So please keep things STO related -- it will be better for PvP in the long run. If there is a mechanic that works great in another game that you would like to see come to STO, that's valid feedback and welcome (as long as the thread is created as a "hey, this would be cool for STO"). But asking for spec help or map help in another game is not welcome.


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