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1) Add loot bags to STFs. Have them drop for completing the optional
2) Add Dilithium back to STFs
3) Add Dilithium to Fleet Mark Season 6 queue content
4) Revert Doff changes
5) Add 'daily log in' reward

You want to sell more doff packs? Increase the value of the packs. Increase the quantity and quality of the rare and ultra rare doffs. One purple per pack, might be a generic purple or it might be one of the amazing ones. Also create more amazing ones. Heck create a new trait 'experienced' that doffs can have increasing success chance by 2% or CXP reward by 10% or whatever that can only be found from those doffs that would be something desirable. I can give you tons good ideas to generate revenue without taking things away from players but for some reason you insist on taking stuff away instead of offering new shinnies for players to want.