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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Hrmmm, the reasons for the MWO spam - just does not jibe with all the MWO spam.

It's not a "X game does this great, it would be awesome if Cryptic could work something like that into STO." sort of thing.

It's more like "You guys suck, I'm taking my ball and going to find somebody else to play with. Waaah, waaah, waaah." sort of thing.

Frankly, it's annoying. Not annoying enough to have reported - just well - childish as Hell. One can picture the stereotypical cliques in some teen show or movie, you know, where there's the head cheerleader and the pair that follows her around. She smirks at something she doesn't like, turns around and walks off - the duo chirp in with some nonsense.

That's what it looks like.

The intention may have been something else... but, lol - it comes off as something far different.
You know 20 or so years ago I managed a large retail store.... Now customers returned product all the time, its the nature of retail. Most would come in set the product down and be to nice to give the real reason they where returning the product. Sometimes I would say man I can't help but notice 10 of those things have come back this week... then I would get one customer who would be honest and tell me it was a complete piece of bleep. Then I would look at my reports and realize I should have noticed a month ago that that X product had issues....

There has been a constant stream of QQ for a good year now.... of course as a smart manager Cryptic should have been sifting through it. Yes some of it is just total BS... just like in was in that retail store I ran... some people where just unhappy pains in the bleep. Of course at some point the constant complaints about one item would clue me in to major issues with it... now in the retail world it was an easy fix... pull the product, send defective crap back change suppliers... seems to me when the QQ gets loud enough the easiest fix is to address the problem... not post a sign at customers service that says "Don't be a bleep, or we won't listen to you"... I know someone that tried that once in retail (not those exact words lol) Seeing someone throw something at him when he pointed out the sign is one of the best memories of my retail days. LMAO