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11-14-2012, 02:52 PM
I'm pretty sure my comment will get lost in all other comments, and i'm also pretty sure the devs not actually give 2 cents about players though or CUSTOMER's thoughts but...

"The STO team has consistently ensured that there is enough missions and systems in the game that any player should be able to earn 8000 Dilithium per day if they focus on Dilithium based missions for about 4 hours. By the way, the average level 50 player plays approximately 3.5 hours on a given day."

Now dear STO team, of advanced ppl that actually THINK before copy/pasting a message The average level 50 player plays 3.5 hours, thus by grandious thinking you decided to make it 4 hours to get the needed dilithium PER 1 day.... Now would that level 50 player have any omega, romulan, fleet marks? NO. Would that player NEED (or wish) to buy ZEN to purchase more ships, make more characters, get more doffs? NO - because he has NO TIME to actually use them.

Have you considered that for players with 4-5 chars of lvl 50, that means 20 hours a day to just get THE DILITHIUM? Obviously not... now disregarding the slap on the face of ppl that bought ZEN and supported this game, by buying new ships, making new chars to RPG with them as a MMORPG should actually be... you ppl did a great thing, myself, my friends and most of your players will no longer buy any ZEN because it's useless... i wanted to buy myself the new VESTA, but i will not, why buy that ship? to grind SB 24 with it? i can do that in a free lvl 40 ship... why make myself a romulan character? To have no time to play it? No thanks!

Great thinking, ppl don't refine as much dilithium as we want, let's remove it all....
Please feel free to add the "game" and economy statistics in about 2 weeks time... would be nice to see how your profit halven and you player base is 40% smaller.... Great new season!

Oh and....
"To sum it up ? we expect it to take several months of playing the game regularly for several hours per session in order to outfit a captain and crew with the best gear in the game."

In case you didn't know it's a GAME, we play it for fun not as a lifestyle. I guess we can add STO in our long term plans, next year i get married, then have a child, by he/she is 1 year old i will have MACO set, it will be a hell of a party!!!