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11-14-2012, 03:58 PM
EXCELLENT decision (IMO)

And BTW as far as Dilithium infusion into the economy - you were the one who put in the 8000 refinement cap to keep the Dilithium economy from spiraling out of hand.

I will say again, the fact you stated in the blog that Level 50 players on average were way below that cap on a daily basis and you wanted to increase the average seems to be contradicted by the concern you had in this latest post. Either you need a better proofreader, or you were not being honest about your dilithium goals for S7 you stated in Blog #17 as part of your justification for your original Dilithium changes that you are now (thankfully) reverting to a fair degree.

Still thanks for bowing to all the Feedback in game and on these Forums.
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