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11-14-2012, 02:59 PM
Well dilitium reward in STF. Why did you keep it on tribble right up to S7 than dropped it in new patch. Up to than it didn't bothered me too much, I thought "at least I will get some dilitium for the mission". Well major fail on that one.
It's true unfortunetly. By completing an STF elite with optional you will get 850 dil if you turn in everything you got from the mission (marks and Borg stuff) . And of course you will have to max out your reputation first

New Hive Onslaught elite. what the hell were you thinking of, everyone and I mean everyone get one shoted once you get to those unimatrix monstrosity. Tried it with fleet team because we have real good players. Even the engineer in Odyssey couldn't do much to survice the onslaught. Add to that the fact that there is no loot to speak of, only Omega Marks and BNP there is no reason why I would spend a long time (and it does take a long time) to finish the mission for what is basically nothing. Not when I just have to do a couple Infected every 2 days to get the mark I need to keep Omega project going.
Keep in mind that there will be new and better gear available from Task Force Omega and the Romulans once you maxed out your reputation! I guess in order to do this STF on elite one should have this new gear equiped. Just guessing. Appearently we are not supposed to do this on elite with our ordinary mk xii anti-borg stuff.

Higher dilitium cost to get doffs. Why? Is it so we wont convert dilitium anymore and just spend everything in game? Why change that? I think it was working fine before.
While a slight increase in costs for doff reassignments would have been understandable this huge increase is just WRONG. I completely agree.