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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Even 5 years ago - society was different. 7-10 years? Much different. 20 years ago? Seems like a different planet altogether.

As to the rest - it's not a case of the MWO spam being somebody coming into the store to tell you what's wrong with your store. It's more like the store next door sending folks into your store and telling your customers that they should come next door.

It's one thing if you, one of your employees, or even customers heard a customer say something was better next door and then they left for that store. It's another thing to have groups of folks walking around the store and trying to point out to other customers that they should go next door.

How would you have handled that?
I would have thrown up a couple door crashers and laughed when those people never left. Sometimes you need a loss leader... but anyway thats not the point. Also 20 years isn't that long a time early 90s wasn't that long ago... after my retail I took a regional position with them for over 10 years as well... ya Things don't change... and they never will cause people are people. Doesn't matter if we are selling cell phones that weight 5 pounds... or MMO subs 20 years in the future... people won't change.

The people posting here ARE STO Customers. Last I checked I wasn't seeing NEW names on the forums from some other game... I am seeing friends from STO that I have played with for 3+ years posting.