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11-14-2012, 04:01 PM
i think this MWO spam is here to try to tell cryptic something. its the literal result of the lack of pvp development, or even pvp consideration. every one posting MWO stuff here is doing so because this is still their community that they like interacting with, but they cant have fun in game anymore here, or have simply had enough of the neglect.

every season has had an opportunity to add some trivial, token thing to pvp, but there was a choice not to. just a new map added to the arena rotation, or fleet marks for christ sake. 1 little thing like that and stahl could brag all about how they are supporting pvp, it wouldn't have to be something to apologize for every time he brings pvp up.

at this point, and for quite a wile now, pvp is a smaller and smaller part of the game becase of you, not us. its starving, and dieing, and the new ships that are added tend to do more harm then good to it. the continued power creep in this game has made the gap between best and worst much larger, and makes it even harder to get into pvp. he with the lockbox ship wins, he with the right doffs wins, now soon he with the rep passives wins as well.

all the new stuff added with season 7, and 6, which had endless pvp opportunity attached, gave pvp nothing. were is a pvp star base defense? why isn't there fleet marks for pvp, the original fleet content? were is a karrat like warzone in the new romulan sector were you can get romunlan marks? were is the omega marks for karrat? why isn't there some version of the azera rescue were starfleet and kdf compete for ship rescuing?

STO is a pvp game, the basic ship balance was designed from the beginning to pit player ships against each other. there would be no reason for sci ships to exst if this was not the case. all 3 ship types are needed for successful team play, they all have a purpose and are incomplete without each other. the rest of the game is just pve content built on top of all this, making some types of ships work better then others in it. generally if you cant cause a lot of damage you have little purpuse in pve.

so it continues to baffle me how only pve can be focused on, when its not even what the game is built for, its bones are pvp bones.
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