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Originally Posted by galronopvp View Post
Its a shame after a few hours from the PVE community ranting and raving about the changes from season 7 that took into effect cryptic devs jump on it to fix the issue.


For 3 years your company failed to bring new exciting and "working as intended" stability to pvp game play. But for a few hours of PVE complaining you make drastic changes to season 7 rewards whats wrong with this issue.


For 3 years i waited....why.....because im a dang trekky and i love the concept of this game but im also a PVP'er at heart so i like to pew i get more excitement pewing in my favorite ships then in other games where it doesnt really tickle my imagination....and yet cryptic you fail...

Then you have the nerve to say you care about PVP yeah right......remember DStahl said we are .02% why cater to such a small portion of the game yet we spend the most money in the game huh.....

I lost all hope why should i bother logging in.......its fail after fail after fail......and i know you will ban me with the excuse of flamming or w/e excuse you devs use but everyone needs to know im not spamming or flamming, Im FREAKING FRUSTRATED AS HECK....
Please dont take this the wrong way Branflakes but it's really hard to believe that statement.

The forums have been littered with good ideas for the last few STO seasons with no uptake and/or incorporation of any of the ideas into the live game let alone any form of real feedback to these ideas, negative or positive.

We hear week in week out about you guys discussing, chatting, having internal meetings. What has the fruit of all this been to date in 3 years? (When you answer this, please take your PWE hat off and put your PVP hat on).

Before you ask the question "What would actually convince the PVP community that we (PWE / Cryptic) want PVP to be fun?", i'll give you a potential solution.
Demonstrate a time bound plan with actual progress against it using tribble as the testing grounds for the relevant milestones on the said plan. Once these milestones are successfully tested by the PVP community, migrate them onto holodeck. At this point, you will start to make us believe.

I dont need the grand all in one change to become a believer. I'm sure most PVPer's would feel the same. We want to see your vision of PVP, want to be able to influence it in a positive manner, work with you instead of against you like it currently feels and make the in game PVP a benchmark for the rest of the MMO's out there to apsire to.

The reality is that it is so far from this said vision right now, that sadly (and yes i do mean sadly) other games have spotted a gap you left / allow to open and made it their own. I have been playing the said game for at least solid week now and progressed to a "None noob" level all by doing PVP and obtaining in game currency by PVP. In that week, even though the game is still in beta, the amount of PVPer's there right now is phenomenal. I may have spotted the same name no more than a handfull of times.

Sad to say this but most of my friend list in STO is in that game now.

I really do hope this isn't falling on deaf ears and something positive comes of this event.
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"No, there is no real problem with P2W in STO. Obviously, if you fight against someone with an equal level of skill in the game, better equipment will give you an edge. But usually, it is the skill level that determines the outcome, not the P2W." - Sprinkles

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