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11-14-2012, 03:03 PM
Originally Posted by johhanne View Post
In many ways this has been the best season launch yet - technically the server has been stable - I even got to play yesterday which to be honest I wasn't expecting. New Romulus is beautiful, many of the new missions are fun.

But it's all been overshadowed by the great dilithium snatch. Players should be talking about the great new content. Instead Cryptic has caused angry and upset players complaining - justifiably - about dilithium and in a stroke made their 'end game content' irrelevant.

It just didn't have to be this way. It really didn't.


I completely agree with this and it is one of the primary reasons why we are reversing our decision about Dilithium. Players should be having fun with Season 7 - it is awesome - not worrying about Dilithium.

Thank you (and everyone else) for speaking up about this. It means a lot to us.