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11-14-2012, 03:04 PM
I guess my feedback is quite simple: I lost interest in the game. Tried new Romulus. Yeah, sure. I don't play a frikkin janitor but a klingon warrior. First and last time I visited that planet.

Did some STF. No real reward. Some tokens to grind reputation. Yeah. Oh, Borg now oneshot me again. Plus all my MK XII tokens are locked in a box I can't open until, oh surprise, I grind reputation. Double yeah.

I don't need to mention it. I hate bloody asia grinders.

Before season 7, I played one or 2 hours every evening, and could get all I need. Some dil, some loot to sell and every now and then a MK XII token. Enough time left for a bit fleetmark grinding, doffing or playing a foundry mission/pvp.

Impossible now.

Edit: There is something positive, too. I like the new design of the loading screens.