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11-14-2012, 03:08 PM
Season 7 has been a mess.

Bugs are rife and Cryptic are already having to look at this STF Dil problem after the streams of negative comments turned up on here, and it won't be surprising to me if they just hack in some barely functional solution and leave it at that - or just nerf something else in the process and get people angry again.

At this point they can do no right, they are damned if they attempt to fix things and certainly damned if they don't bother. I certainly don't envy their position.

If they last until season 8 they're gonna need to pull something pretty special out of the bag to earn some small slither of respect back from players, a feat made harder considering it is supposed to finally be the KDF overhaul they have been promising forever.

Sad thing is it would have been far more successful if they didn't rush to get this out before the 13th, and if they were upfront about the Dil change and managed to snip the problem in the bud before release.

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