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Originally Posted by rodentmaster View Post
But that's a lie... If I pop fire on my mark, tactical fleet, EPTW, red matter device, attack pattern alpha, and cannon rapid fire with torp spread thrown in for good measure I'm going to break 10,000 dps most likely. It's a lie to claim that's my DPS.
But, again, things are different in typical MMORPGs where you might have half a dozen people all clobbering the same enemy for minutes at a time. In those games, "DPS" is not a statistic so much as a role to play. For that context, damage output discounting survivability and mobility is relevant to what the player needs to do. For STO the boundaries between roles are much more vague. Every ship contributes damage, every ship needs to be able to move around, every ship needs to be able to survive a few hits. That's why we in STO-land prefer "strategic DPS" since it's an aggregate measure of several things.