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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
if you can't hit the max, do a starbase 24 or some other fleet action (starbase 24 is like a 10 minute battle for acceptable loot and dilithium
and here is the deal...klingons do not have that fleet action.

so in my opinion, if you want to hit 8k per day you still can do it easily with both factions.
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also the time it would take you to do your listed dailys, i may be able to pull of double of that with PVP and fleet actions.
i mean, half of what you list are just a maximum time consuming missions that reward nothing compared to the time invested. basically in the time you travel around in sector space to get to them i can make like 4k dilithium.
Originally Posted by crypticarmsman View Post
You forgot to include dilithium from Doffing. Remember, you have to play ALL content to the maximum to get your 'rewards'.
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Your average casual player will usually either A) not know what fleet actions are, or B) not want to do them for various reasons.

I should probably have modified my commentary that as solo play goes, there is no longer a way to make the 8k mark. That would have then excluded any of the multiplayer action. I also should have said as solo content missions go, which then would have excluded DOff assignments, which I am fully aware can amount to somewhere around 1.5-2k dil by the end of the day. My apologies for not clarifying that sooner.

I never said what I was presenting was true for everyone. I was just pointing out something I noticed that wasn't there before, since before S7 was released, you could hit your 8k mark pretty easily as a fed with solo play mission content only. As is now, you can't. That's all I was saying.
Thought I would put all of these together. I also bolded a portion of my post just to make sure my intent behind this post was made clearer.
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