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So, I did a tour.. but now on earth do you get 3,5 mil EC in one hour?
.. At best I got 250 k EC.. LOL
First of all, you need an engine that breaks the Warp 10 limit. Borg Assimilated engines, MACO engines, or Fleet engines can do this. Points 2-4 below require one of these engines in order to be effective.

Second, you should have AT LEAST three ranks invested in the Driver Coil captain ability. Six is even better. With six ranks and one of the above engine types, you can fly at Transwarp 18-19.

Third, you can get an extra 2.5 added to your warp factor for getting another player to cast "Diplomatic Immunity" or "Raiding Party" on you (5.0 if you get both).

Fourth, there are some Duty Officer missions under the "Personal" tab that will grant a buff to your Driver Coil skill, further increasing your maximum speed.

Fifth, any time that you are crossing an entire sector block (and if the ability is not still on cooldown), use your Slipstream Drive ability. The regular version ads 10.0 to your warp factor for 30 seconds. The Odyssey's version lasts 60 seconds, and the Vesta's version ads about 12-12.5 to your warp factor and lasts 60 seconds.

All of the above things will boost your flight speed and allow you to ultimately travel two to two and a half times as fast in sector space as the normal Warp 9.99 speed allowed with standard engines and no buffs.

The second trick to getting more money is to not fly through all sectors in the whole game universe each time. Since rewards are awarded every time you finish one "nation's" territory (Romulan, Klingon, Cardassian, Federation, etc.), it is worth skipping over entire nations. Many players will simply skip over flying through the Cardassian or Romulan regions. Meanwhile, the Orellius block (Deferi), Gamma Orionis block (Borg), and the attached one-sector Undine block are very good because you only have to fly through the single sector block to get the entire reward for that nation (50k EC for a Vice Admiral).

A very minimalist flight path would be to equip a purple Astrometrics duty officer to reduce Transwarp cooldown time to five minutes, then fly straight from Earth Spacedock to the Gamma Orionis portal, then fly straight through the exact center of the sector block (if you get it right, you will get credit for being in all four sectors in the block simultaneously), then head straight for the connection to the Undine sector on the southwest. Upon arriving in the Undine sector, drop the "Tour the Universe" mission from your list, and immediately Transwarp to Earth Spacedock. Beam onto ESD as quick as you can, and get the mission again. You've just made 100+k EC and you can do this at least ten times before the hour is over if you do everything optimally.
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