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11-14-2012, 03:18 PM
Originally Posted by errab View Post
I?m kind of glad that I don?t really play this MMO anymore after the latest Cryptic stunt.

I was trying to get myself in the mood to give STO a try again when season 7 went live but I could not keep myself logged in for more than 20 minutes.

STF?s were the only way I ever earned Dilithium and now if I wanted to play and needed Dilithium I?d be forced to run into Fleet Actions that I never enjoyed doing since their introduction!

If this no Dilithium for STF?s ?is working has intended? Cryptic needs to man up and let it be known.

I think the biggest problem that I have is that if it turns out that was always what Cryptic intended to do with STF?s and Dilithium then they once again told us all a bold faced lie that they?d only be reducing the Dilithium payouts on Normal and Elite STF?s.

Time after Time Cryptic never ceases to disappoint me.

Much like you I participated in the STF's for the dilithium and the loot. The dilithium to earn my cap for the day and the loot to turn in for EC's. I don't like nor do I want to praticipate in the Fleet Actions, it just not what I built my ships for.

I hear tell, that Stahl now tells us the Dilithium will be put back into the STF's, 480 normal and 960 elite. . But what about the loot?

Maybe most of you don't really care for the loot/gear at the finish of an STF and that's fine. But it was mostly my only way to make EC in game. Not all of us can pump $100.00 a week on the game you know.