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11-14-2012, 03:23 PM
The prices of duty officers going up is just the most recent example of their intentional dilithium shortages.

It all began with the release of Starbases and the "Special Projects" that cost 200,000k dilithium a piece.

Then they increased the number of contraband required in doff assignment "Turn Over Confiscated Contraband" from 3 to 5, but gave the same reward of 2,000 dilithium. This is a 40% decrease in dilithium.

Special Task Force Missions (STF) prior to Season 7 reward 480 dilithium per mission, and now it rewards 1,000 dilithium after completing 5 Elite STF's. This ALONE is a reduction of 58%!!!

Let's not even get into the problems with the Embassy....

There are MANY examples of increasing dilithium costs, and many examples of dilithium becoming more difficult to earn.

It sickens me because they have done all these irresponsible things to our game on purpose to make more money... I really hope a few of them lose a little sleep.