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# 1 Fps Sto?
11-14-2012, 03:25 PM
I was messing around with my controls and I noticed when your on ground, or ship but I will get to that later, if you switch over the shoulder camera off you can zoom in so much its in First Person view. BUT if you beam out and go back to ground it does not save the view or the option you click to cut it on or off. At least I pray the only bug is the settings not remembering the option to cut it off and allowing FPS to be in the game all the time because its awesome to walk around in First Person. Matter of fact you should make it an option permanently. If you experience it once you will love it in some regards. Allot of Role Playing going on out there in STOland. It would be cool to actually be in First Person mode while role playing,...just saying.

IMO, STO needed this back at launch.

As far as the ship, you can zoom all the way into the ship while in sector space making you able to see every little detail in the ships.

THAT and FPS made me more excited than any other Season 7 feature...

...well I do DIG New Romulas. Yall did a great job, but I will take it all back if you take out FPS view.

...again, just saying.

Keep up the good work, and dont over work the good stuff. Its awesome like it is. Unless your going to make bridge invites bring you to the transporter room of your ship for esthetics and nerdgeekcoolness?

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