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11-14-2012, 03:26 PM
Part of the problem in finding good PvP when I log in is that the only way to get a game against a team is to ask in channel, and it gets a bit awkward because there's so little going on right now that every game ends up being life or death for a fleet's great family honor or whatever... there's no levity or sense of fun in it, like derbies to pass the time in other sports.

Pugging is very fun up to a point and it does have its charms, letting the dice fall where they may... but it contributes to the unserious atmosphere because you just can't make even the most basic of assumptions about what you might come across.

I don't think this is very much to ask... honestly you don't even have to change the basic queues, leave them as the random anything-goes mess that they are if you really want. Just make it so that the team queue will put you in line for finding a game against another queued team of an equal number of members. Queue as four, get a game against the next four-man, queue as five, game against another five, etc.

I know there's been a new patch and all but something like this could be done very, very trivially and put in on a realistic timeframe.

vids and guides and stuff

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