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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
Actually... you're looking for a pattern in the wrong place.

Look at the compactor prices as a percentage of Ferra's prices. both blue and purple are 5/12 of Ferra's price. green is close 6/12, but that's probably the result of making it the nearest round number.
You're right, I've never looked at his prices as the duty officers are bound on purchase. With the grinding, you do need to account for the officers you are trading in as well. So assuming you ground 25 commons into 5 uncommons and ground them into a rare, you've spent 5000 dilithium, which is 5/6 of Ferra's price. If you take that a step further, you end up spending 30000 to grind a very rare, which is 2.5x the cost of a very rare from Ferra. The math is bad for grinding any way you look at it.