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Are there enough players for something like this? Given how long even the PUG queues can take and that you'll often see the same folks in those PUG matches either in the next game or within one or two...

...perhaps that's a timezone thing. Even when I play at different times though, it tends to be like that - different people than at other times, but the same people showing up in that series of matches.

Sometimes, I wonder if there's not more folks discussing PvP in STO on the forums than actually participating in PvP in STO in the game...
I'd rather wait a half hour for a real game than a few minutes for a stomp or something where I might as well just set macros to spacebar and go drink a Snapple.

When I used to play ranked League I'd have to wait upwards of an hour or two for a game to pop and that was unteamed. I'm not some sissy who won't practice what he'll preach.

Like I said, this won't impact the regular queues and if it dies a lonely death as a PvP graveyard (*cough cough* KvK arena) that's okie-doke. I just want the option to be there.

vids and guides and stuff

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