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As the title says... Is it back?

Done about 10 Infected elite stf:s
Before S7: 9 of 10 runs,ONE instant death..
Now: 9 of 10 runs, Fourteen instant death..

Ofcourse i have to run away and heal sometimes but now there is not much you can do in 2 nanosec..

Ship: Krenn Temporal Destroyer.

Done about +150 PUG ISE runs and most of them with optional.

Little early maybe but when you are used to die one time of 10 runs, a natural responce is "WTF".
I think its so unfair that this is nothing you can control... one second 100% 2 nanoseconds later... DEAD.

I've had this build for some time now and didn't have any problem before.

There was some "correction" mention in patchnotes... but if this is right ... I'm out..