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Originally Posted by rodentmaster View Post
You can't very well be calling me biased for objectively understanding what their business model is and how they deploy said model? That puts you in the yes-man boot licker category, if so. That lot seems to insult or tear into anybody that points out how 2-faced and bad the cryptic decisions are. Are you a cryptic yes-man?
You may think you're objectively understanding, but how can you be sure you are? Because how I read it, it didn't seem like it, hence my post. I could be wrong; you could be wrong, or we could be wrong... who really knows?

And I've already got a reputation for that anyway, exaggerated as it may be.

And I'm saying, blaming them for the issues isn't the issue. It's just sickening when people assume something is true when they have no proof, or think they know better when they're just as much in the dark as the rest of us are (your 'doesn't listen. period' statement). Getting feedback and choosing whether or not to implement it, with various factors involved, is not nearly as simple as "yes, we're doing it" or "no, we're not doing it".

People may only see the bottom line, but there's much to it that needs to be considered.
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