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11-14-2012, 05:05 PM
Imagine if they did away with the FvK, FvF, KvK. By the time folks are at 50, they're pretty much working F&K on the PvE side against common enemies - one could say there's a temporal issue that exists in the game - people are at X point in time while others are at Y (that's ignoring the replay aspect - where the same person could be at Y but go back to X).

So for the PvP queues - you would just have Arena or C&H. As a Fed, you might find yourself fighting with other Feds or a mix of Feds and KDF - the same for KDF. It would be more like STFs, etc, etc.

Then taking that a step further - you would add team queues to both of those - allowing a mix of Fed/KDF on those teams.

With the reduced number of queues, you would see more available players for the remaining queues... including those team queues. People would have an easier time putting together the teams as well - if they could mix KDF and Fed.

Again, this is premised partially on there not really being much of a war in the game between the KDF and Feds anyway - that Arena/C&H PvP is pretty much casual and meaningless anyway (it could be holo matches in the end)... so there's not really anything against it.

The complaint I could see would be from Feds that queue FvF solely, not wanting to have to fight KDF at all.

Still, considering the nature of the way the queues are - and - some desire to improve things through various means (including team queues)... what do you think?