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11-14-2012, 05:14 PM
There are some ways to view this.

Copypaste and not enough manpower and funding to do a completely seprate planet for Klinks is one.

On the other hand, they are not helping the Romulan Star Empire. This is a new state, a "Second Romulan-Reman Colony" which is being made with Remans, Romulan refugees and romulans who want to reunite with Vulcans.

So the KDF can still go around killing the Star Empire, the old Romulan state.

Also, apart from Obisek's already mentioned fondness for Thalarons, D'Tan is a Federation sympathiser.
Fighting Hirogens and Tholians and Tal'shiar as support may prevent this new State from aiding the Feds against the KDF.

Also, this may help smoothing out the KDF-Federation war into something more like the Cold War, with both factions already engaged in the Omega force.

There are the Iconians around, and House Duras is the Rising Star of the Klingon Empire. The Duras seem to want to concentrate on the most dangerous and powerful enemy.
Would it not be more honourable-glorious to fight these Iconians and defeat such a mighty foe?
Even if it takes Federation and Romulan refugee aid, this would be a feat of epic might. Even worth allying with the unreliable and sassy Federation, and this Romulan Pocket state.

So the KDF can have reasons to do this, to at least somehow explain the copypaste content.

And Klingons are not Space Orks.
Da orkzez got more Dakka, bikez and they are dead stompy!
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