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11-14-2012, 05:22 PM
@antoniosalieri, but I believe that's kind of what Bran was asking for - and - that's why he said what he did. And why I said part of what I said. This does seem to have gone off to the side some, but getting back to that part:

He's supposedly fine with folks saying "It would be neat if STO did A like X game does..."
He's not fine with folks saying "Why are you guys still here? Come play X!"

There was far more come play MWO posts than there were it would be neat if STO did X like MWO, MWO does Y like STO should, or MWO didn't make the Z mistake that STO did.

It was pretty much come play MWO spam popping up in every thread. It was annoying - somewhat easy to gloss over (it's not one of my pet peeves - heh, not something that triggers me into saying something so I get nice little notes from mods to knock it off) - but kind of annoying all the same.

That's a key difference, imo.