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11-14-2012, 06:52 PM
Nonsense 1shot BS has always been here. Never left, or you've not been paying attention.

Heretic, it's one thing to have the plasma beams, cutters, torpedoes overwhelm you with firepower. That is "having teeth"...

It's another to just randomly code it to kill people in 1 shot with no warning and no graphics representing an actual weapon in use.

THAT is and always will be a BS way to model a game. Of the two listed above, we do NOT have the first option, though it would be far far more acceptable to die from, than the second would be.

EDIT: Though in response to OP I don't think it's increased frequency any... I ran one on my lowest toon that just did its first ISE ever, and only died once in a defy R. That's not bad considering it's using Breen gear (*ugh, vomit*). I think you had a very bad streak is all.

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