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11-14-2012, 06:57 PM
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
So the borg now have teeth. And you complain?

Weren't you bored of just facerolling crap and never dying? And when the Borg AI and weaponry is upgraded to actually provide a challenge and require you to think and prepare ahead of time you're gonna quit?

G. T. F. O.

You should play every stf like it's a PvP match. Prepare for anything and everything. How do you survive a decloaking fleet defiant alpha strike? If you can do that, you do the same thing to survive the Borg. You hit defensive buffs and then take the hit. Wait for the heat to stop, then hit back.

And guess what, since the borg now hurt, Cruisers and sci will be even more important with their heals. And tbh, I never have problems with one shots, but I fly an oddy, so I guess I don't count. I am just one of those useless cruisers that everyone wants to leave.

Well guess what, we're needed now, so there!
Well...Why the rage? I dont quite know how to respond to you... But you obviously assume that every run i do is a piece of cake... If that was the case.. That would be boring.. and I would feel the same about that. You are far from the truth... It was a question... And I dont do PvP (Yeah shocker!!!!) I've been around since F2P and have done 3 PVP:s in that time.
(The very little I know is that you need to have a completely different DOFF and console setup for PvP than PvE... but I'm probably wrong on that to. and I don't have the knowledge or interest for PvP..)

My question/wonder was IF there was a change, wasn't asking for your ranting and vomit, maybe you need to take a sedative and have a lay down.

So please Mr "I know all about everything" take my advice.