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11-14-2012, 06:01 PM
A slice of bread when you owe an entire loaf.

While I can appreciate that some time is actually being spent to consider the reaction of the community, the gravest mistake is to assume they are your inferior. They/We are human customers, not puppets with wallets.

This was a nice.. dance.. but the outrage that occurred yesterday is a symptom, not the problem itself. Should Cryptic, and by proxy PWE, want to avoid this.. danger.. in the future, they need to address the core issue that is causing these problems.

Make Dilithium more available to all level 50 players
There is potential for the future of this game in this line alone, but the question is whether or not there will be any weight behind it as we move forward...

Events such as this shake and disillusion customers. The ripples of distrust this has sparked.. is going to take a lot of hard work and time to mend. People have stuck with this game through a lot of 'mistakes' in the past, but it is never a good idea to find out where that breaking point actually is.

Personally, to answer the OP's question, No. My emotional reaction to this.. 'compromise'.. would be.. Bitter.

I still feel there should be a loot reward for completing the optional so as to make that challenge not entirely meaningless(on par with achieving top honors in fleet actions). Additionally, I still do not find the one-sided changes to the Doff system to be acceptable. The dilithium income/expense ratio needs to be relaxed before that one.. can be swallowed. (nothing less than a 30% reduction in cost, or a significant increase of dilithium rewards)