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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Hi Captains,

This is your friendly reminder that these are the STO forums -- this is also the STO PvP Feedback sub-forum. Threads about other topics, including other games, will be moved or removed. Creation of these posts or threads falls under the forum rules as "Spamming". Breaking this rule will lead to moderation from myself and the Community Mod team.

I understand the PvP Community's frustration and can empathize with it -- if you're playing another game, that's okay! But discuss it on their boards, not here. If one of you would like to make a thread in Ten Forward to be used for MWO, or any other game (there is already one for SWTOR), I'm okay with that. All subsequent posts or threads about that game will be merged with that one thread.

Thank you.


Brandon =/\=

This guy is just simply a tool for damage control on PWE behalf so they can make more money. This guy has no idea about anything regarding to pvp let alone anything else regarding to game development.

The reason why people are posting off other games is because they are upset with 3 years of imbalance issues, mechanic issues for pvp let alone all the other major problems involved.

PvP in ANY other MMO is much better than on this game. Are you really that shocked that people are posting on this game forum's from other games?

You have no development focus for pvp except for Z-Store and Lockbox crap so what's the big deal? People are going continue posting because " they don't care about the rules " since " your company doesn't care about making the game better and filling your pockets to the Chinese overlords". Can you blame the people that have been in neglect for years? No. I certainly the hell don't.

This is exactly the same problem with your other game Champions Online.

You do not understand anything to what is going, you do not pvp, what exactly DO you do? Think about it? I honestly cannot think of one thing.

Just stay off the forums Brandon because your not wanted. Don't like what I have to say? Too bad.

Feel free to come on though if you have something that is related ONLY to the following:

#1. Star Trek IP License going to a different gaming developer.

#2. PvP content regarding to fixing and balancing mechanics and removing current pvp exploits.

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