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Originally Posted by goltzhar View Post
Well...Why the rage? I dont quite know how to respond to you... But you obviously assume that every run i do is a piece of cake... If that was the case.. That would be boring.. and I would feel the same about that. You are far from the truth... It was a question... And I dont do PvP (Yeah shocker!!!!) I've been around since F2P and have done 3 PVP:s in that time.
(The very little I know is that you need to have a completely different DOFF and console setup for PvP than PvE... but I'm probably wrong on that to. and I don't have the knowledge or interest for PvP..)

My question/wonder was IF there was a change, wasn't asking for your ranting and vomit, maybe you need to take a sedative and have a lay down.

So please Mr "I know all about everything" take my advice.
You'll have to forgive the rage. I am just tired of idiots like rodentmaster (yes kiddo, I just called you out) constantly complaining about NPC weapons that are either A) way more powerful than ours, or B) very difficult to defend against.

I thought your thread was another "Oh no, I don't faceroll the comps, must be broken" thread, and as such responded in kind.

In response to your actual post (now that I actually read it), the only real change to the comps was the removal on the limit of their torp arcs, and an improvement of their AI. As for getting one shotted, crits are crits. I heard an interesting theory from one of my fleetmates that the borg have an automatic 25% chance of crit on their torps and a 500% crit severity. Which would make sense since I get critted by torps too often for the usual 5 or 6% you see players running around with, and those crits average around 20-25k per crit, which is roughly 500% of the usual 5k damage a mk XII plasma torp can do to my hull.

But that instant death isn't instant death. It's not programmed to kill you immediately. It's just a boosted NPC weapon designed to make your life not such a cakewalk. You probably got unlucky and got an ubercrit (what I call them, happens about 5% of the time, the torp has a 1500% crit severity and hits for around 75k. Not fun even for an oddy). They are rare, and hurt like hell, but I have been noticing more of them since I started in S7.

And here's the really annoying part: it's not just the borg. I did some stuff in Tau Dewa (on elite of course, normal is too easy), and I was fighting some Hirogen, and their transphasics... well sufficed to say that two mk XII purple monotaniums weren't taking much off of those torps.
It is said the best weapon is one that is never fired. I disagree. The best weapon is one you only have to fire... once.
Why the Devs can't make PvE content harder. <--- DR proved me wrong!