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11-14-2012, 07:24 PM
READ THE POST ABOVE STO TEAM and listen to it! Put dilithium rewards, and maybe even fleet marks on all YOUR content.... there is nothing to do in YOUR game, no reason to replay episodes... and hell no new episodes for what 1 year+? Your "content" is flawed. No one wants to grind some "instance" regardless of it's type 10 times a day to get his/hers dilithium then do another instance 10 times to get the marks.... It's boring! The content is boring as it's linear... How many times can you kill the same borg until you get bored out of your skull? Ah look NEW content... Tau Dewa daily... oh it's linear... how many times you can resolve the same Acamari dispute before you are bored?
Really, do you ppl even PLAY your own game?

Please mr. Stahl, record an usual day of you playing.... show us how you get all your dilithium, fleet/romulan/omega marks, energy credits to replicate all those other stuff needed and you still have the time to eat/sleep/work. Please PROVE to us we are wrong and your game is heading in the right direction....