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I opened a ticket about this today, but I now figure it would probably be quicker to get a reply here in the forums. I have a few questions.

1. Does Cryptic consider people who AFKer and or feed in Public PvP queues to be griefers?

2. If yes, can we expect any action to be taken against those who grief public PvP queues up to and including bans?

3. If not, why not?

4. Also unrelated, can we have a stickied thread which lists dev acknowledged bugs that can be exploited? So, we can refer people to said thread and report them should they continue to exploit. Tbr was latest example of this, but there's also lesser issues like the Vet Console shield vamp being effected by Aux2batt when it shouldn't be.

Edit: In the mean time if I choose to report all those who AFK or feed will I be accused of spamming Cryptic?

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